Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions you may ask about your stay at the Riverbend Homestead property:

Riverbend Homestead requires a copy of your drivers licence with your current residential address and photo before a confirmed booking is made. Alternatively, you can provide a copy of your passport. After your departure, your driver licence or passport details will be destroyed.

Booking using this website:

  1. Select Check-in and Check-out dates using the Availability Calendar on the sidebar. Available dates are marked light green.
  2. Enter your full-name.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Enter any comments or questions.
  5. Click the I’m not a robot checkbox and follow the prompts.
  6. Click the Check Availability button.
  7. Your inquiry is not a booking and in no way guarantees you a booking on the dates selected.
  8. We will contact you to confirm dates and deposit amount.
  9. We require a copy of your drivers licence with your current residential address before a confirmed booking is made.
  10. Alternatively, you can provide a copy of your current passport.
  11. We will advise you by email the deposit amount, the name and account number to deposited the funds into.
  12. Allow a couple of days for transfer of funds between different banks.
  13. Once a confirmed booking has been made we require final payment of the balance 14 days prior to your arrival.

This is a full-time working farm, the Riverbend Homestead owner unfortunately does not have the time to entertain guests.

Maybe, during the warmer months snakes are most active. Snakes like to hide in warm and tight places such as crevices or under timber. Snakes generally avoid contact with humans. Seek immediate medication attention if you are bitten. If you see a snake the best course of action is to stand very still and wait till the snake moves on. Avoid walking in tall grass and wear proper hiking boots.

No, as this is a working farm with large animals such as cattle or horses, pets are not allowed. Large animals can get spooked easily and can inflict serious injuries on your favourite pet.

Our regular guests take their pets to:

Bright Kennels & Cattery
264 Roberts Creek Road
Bright VIC 3741
Phone: (03) 5756 2400
Mobile: 0438 562 400

Yes, you need to bring your own towels, however all other linen is provided.

No, farm sheds and the workshop are totally off limits. It’s too dangerous for you and your children to explore them. Hay bales are very dangerous and can easily roll onto children climbing them. There may be snakes or spiders. Not to mention large farming tools and equipment.

It’s safe for you and your children to explore horse stables and the chicken coup.

Contact first 000, then Ed, Riverbend Homestead owner on 0403 730 140.

There are two gates. Mostly you are required to open and close one gate. Use caution when opening gates, some have barb wire in the middle to stop cattle rubbing gate off hinges.

No, unless it is an absolute emergency. Please respect the Riverbend Homestead owners privacy.

Speed limit is 25 kph, please watch for large farm animals such as Black Angus cattle which are very hard to see at night.

The road to the Riverbend Homestead property is unsealed. Please show respect and drive slowly past the owner’s house.

After rain, please drive with caution as the cattle grids and road can become slippery.

Sometimes, farm tractors, balers, pumps can operate day or night. Expect roosters, cows and lambs to be vocal at times. Most of the time its very peaceful.

The nearest shops are at Bright just a couple of kilometers away. Bright has two major supermarkets, Woolworth’s and IGA, 3 petrol stations, a multitude of cafe’s, restaurants and shops. Bright has a Medical Centre and Hospital.

Yes, if you feed the animals do so from the other side of a fence. Feed over the top, never thru a gate or fence. Feeding animals has inherent risks. If you let the chickens out make sure you remember to lock them up on dusk.

Please seek permission from the Riverbend Homestead owner before lighting an outside fire. At certain times of year, we allow our guests to have a small fire outside the house if they go find their own wood and not burn our cut and split for the inside fire place. There is a drum with hot plate for outside fires. The lighting of outside fires during a total fire ban day is banned and can endanger your guests and is a serious offence.

Spray insect repellent such as Aerogard on your arms and legs. Alternatively, wear long sleeve shirts and long pants.

No, the Riverbend Homestead property is designed for family groups (adult and children) and is not a party house. Drunken anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Guests will be asked to immediately leave the Riverbend Homestead property.

Guest numbers must be agreed upon prior to payment. The Riverbend Homestead owner must be notified about any changes prior to arrival. Unapproved guests could mean instant booking cancellation and no refund.

In most cases Yes, just advise the Riverbend Homestead owner how many horses you are bringing when you book.

In most cases Yes, just advise the Riverbend Homestead owner how many motor bikes you are bringing when you book.

Guests can check-in after 2:00 pm on the first day of your stay unless otherwise organised with the Riverbend Homestead owner.

Guests must check-out by 10.00 am on the last day of your stay unless otherwise organised with the Riverbend Homestead owner.

When you rent a property you are expected to clean it for the next group. There are two vacuum cleaners and cleaning products provided. Please sort out your rubbish into food scraps and recycling. All food scraps can be given to chickens. Please no food in garbage bins as this may cause blowfly strike. Don’t throw your food scraps onto the lawn, instead give food scraps to the chickens in the chicken coup. Don’t throw empty glass bottles and plastics into an outside fire. Firstly, clean all recyclables and place all empty clean glass bottles and jars, paper, cardboard, plastic milk containers and tin cans in the recycle bin. We all want to look after the environment don’t we?

Please note: Cleaning costs start from $55.00 per hour and will be added to your bill.

Yes, the Riverbend Homestead property (indoors) is a smoke free zone. We encourage parents refrain from smoking in the presence of their children. We don’t want to expose our children to passive smoke and its health implications. If you must smoke do it outside well away from your children. Don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground. Please dispose cigarette butts in a responsible manner and put them into the garbage bin.

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A word from the owner

Riverbend Homestead is a secluded and semi remote property. Guests are entrusted to adhere to the house rules. The Riverbend Homestead owner has the right to cancel a booking if guests breach the house rules.

Relax on the balcony, take in the views, appreciate how wonderful life is. Show kindness to others and your children will make you proud.